CTO @ Schjærven AS - Freelance engineer


  • 2006-2009

    Bachelor Degree
    Østfold University College

    digital media production

    This education engage in film, television, radio and web assignments, both in the creative, technical and administrative fields.

  • 2003-2006

    High School


    Stange High School has the study preparatory education programs: Specialization, Sport and Music, Dance and Drama, and the vocational education and training program in Construction and Engineering.





  • 2017 - present

    Schjærven AS

    Chief Technology Officer

    My main goal is to make Schjærven a web API-enabled agency, where we can connect onto any ERP / PIM / DAM system our clients might have.

  • 2014 - 2017


    Media Manager

    I was a Media Manager, VFX artist and SysAdmin. I used Autodesk Smoke, and Adobe tools to preform the visual stunning images. My secondary where as a part of the IT group, as a media tech specialist.

  • 2011-2013

    Fragments and Megaphon

    Head of IT

    My main responsibilities included Serving, 20 Macs, 5 Linux and 5 Windows stations with RAW Storage to NAS and Daily Backup. Secondary responsibilities included positions as Media Manager, Onliner, and Grader.

  • 2007-2012


    Media Manager

    Andreas has excellent initiative and great technical insight. He quickly settled into the relatively complicated tasks a media manager has in a busy news editorial. He has shown responsibility and assumed tasks similar to the permanent staff in the department. We are very pleased with his efforts.

  • 2010-2011

    Norwegian Army

    Video Producer

    Working active with all aspects from filming, editing, and post. I did work with the Avid stack, Adobe stack producing for both web and TV and Cinema formats. I also helped out on all the technical aspects of the productions.

  • 2004-2010

    ArtLight / ArtTeknikk

    Video Production Specialist

    The technical team that I was a member of could be described as the very backbone of what the audience experienced at each event. We brought the screens to life, made the lights shine, and got the audience focused.

  • 2009-2010



    Frikanalen is the first national public access channel in Norway and the only fully web- controlled TV-system. The development was truly a unique challange and the team received severai prices for inovative engineering.

"I believe that my connection to the creative part of the industry enables me to take on projects, large and small, to reduce the gap between business and IT development."

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THE Gathering

Reference from KANDU, Organization behind The Gathering




Organizer with the Core area is responsible for sponsorship, the area map, logistics, transportation, volunteering, cooperation agreements and general tasks that do not naturally fall into other areas.


Aandreas Martin Aanerud has solved its tasks in an excellent way and has been a valuable resource for the festival. Aanerud has raised the ambition level of the incident stage in its time as leader of the core area.

Aanerud sets high goals for himself and others and works hard to put them to life. Through solid sponsorship, he has quadrupled the festival's sponsorship revenues. These are resources that have allowed him to have implemented several new and creative projects that increase the quality of the festival. It has also provided his co-organizers with the opportunity to put their heartchildren in use.

Aanerud is the accomplished leader who plays with his subordinates and solves complicated and unforeseen situations that arise quickly and elegantly



  • Enebakveien 79, 0196 Oslo
  • +47 909 78 137

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